The Mountainside

Role in Project

Tech Design, Scripting, Animation, Sound, Design

Time on Project

4 Months

Developed in

Unreal Engine 4

Type of project

University Solo Project


September 2018 - December 2018

Ingame Shots

Project Description

The Mountainside is a dungeon crawler game in which the player climbs a mountain, questing looting and killing to become more powerful while uncovering the story associated with the mountain.

This project was mainly as a Level Design challenge. To feature a large open dungeon crawler experience with quests, loot and enemy placements.

The project contains quests, dynamic random loot, inventory systems, story telling through NPC's and quests.


This is heavily inspired by Torchlight 2 and other top down dungeon crawler games.

Everything except the art assets used and sounds was made by me.

Design Gallery

On the left is the original block out phase using the Landscape tool in Unreal engine 4. And then on the right is the finalized level with all the assets in place. Note on the right, the foliage in game has a cull distance to help with performance. It was disabled just for the image.