The Floor is La-VR


Tech Design, Asset Creation, Audio, Scripter, Design

Time on Project

< 1 Month

Developed in

Unreal Engine 4

Type of project

Solo project / Virtual Reality

Gameplay Video

Project Description

The Floor is LA-VR is about the player exploring through a state of the art facility that generates energy using the volcano. Only that something has happened here, with the facility seeming abandoned and in ruins. The player must find out what has happened whilst trying to get out.

The game features a pull/glide like locomotion ( as shown in video ), Physical Interactive UI, Climbing physics, All objects are physical and can interact with each other in interesting ways.

This is a small project I made to learn the development process for Virtual Reality. Which was shown at an event held at my university called Gradex. Where the project was shown off to the general public, students and industry members.

Everything you see in the project was made by me using various pieces of software.