Melody the Game

Role in Project

Group Lead, Tech Design, Scripting, Animation, Sound

Time on Project

4 Months

Developed in

Unreal Engine 4

Type of project

University Group Project


January 2019 - April 2019

Ingame Shots

Project Description

Melody the Game is a simple 3D platformer game. Where the player must reach the end of the level while ticking off objectives and finding collectables and secrets. This was heavily inspired by Super Mario Odyssey and other platformer games.

You play as a large reptile-like character that can double jump, bounce and climb ledges. You must clear the level of Venus Sound Traps that are swallowing the sounds of the world, potentially destroying the peaceful nature of the world.

This is a group collaborative project in which I was the lead technical desiger, level designer and programmer.

The aim of this project was to research, develop and showcase our creations based from industry standards.