About Me

I have spent the last 4 years learning how to develop games on my own and as part of many teams. I now have the ability to take an idea and produce something playable from it.

I have taken part in the Global Games Jam 2018 , also taking part in many group projects as lead technical developer. Along with setting up source control/version control and making sure everyone is up to date with the project.

I mostly specialize in Game Design and Programming and Scripting but I can use modelling software packages to create assets. (Including rigging/skinning and animating). 

I am always eager to learn new things and improve upon my skills in game development.

Skills -

Unreal Engine 4 ( Blueprint and C++ Programming)

Unity 5 ( C# Programming)

3DS Max (3D Modelling and Animation) 

Z-brush (3D Sculpting) 

Version Control



West Midlands, United Kingdom


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