About Me

My name is Joshua Mills, and I'm a Computer Games Design Masters Graduate from Staffordshire University. 

I Graduated with a 1st degree in Computer Games Design.

I'm a motivated individual with a passion for games and the development process for them.

Over the last few years I have acquired and developed the skills to take part in individual projects, group projects and to participate in Global Games Jams. You can see this from the projects available on this website.

 I am always eager to learn new things and improve upon my existing knowledge.

Technical Skills -

Game Design (Technical Design, Level Design, Game Documents)

Unreal Engine 4 ( Blueprint and C++ Programming)

Unity 5 (C# Programming)

3D Modelling and Animation

Z-brush (3D Sculpting) 

Version Control / Project Management / Source Control


West Midlands, United Kingdom

Available to relocate,


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