The banish hammer

Role in Project

Tech Design, Scripting, Animation, Sound

Time on Project

8 Months

Developed in

Unreal Engine 4

Type of project

University Solo Project


September 2017 - April 2018

Project Description

The game is a simple wave defense game where you play as a mighty king who is being overthrown by the people he reigns over. 

The game features 3rd person combat, pickups, abilities, wave based survival, simple boss battles, different AI patterns.

This was a solo project created for my course at university.

The purpose of this project was solely to test my abilities on everything I had picked up over the previous years. To be able to create everything on my own from scripts to art to design.

Ingame shots



Build Progress

    blockout        Latest


Early on in the project ( on the top left), you can see the level looks nothing like what it does in the final build. Originally I used BSP and looked at similar ruins at castles and they were very boxed off but with small breaches around the perimeter. I swapped this to the Landscape tool to give a more realistic feel the the environment.

The original blockout provided some verticality to the level, which meant that players could essentially wait up there for the AI enemies to tunnel up to them and it would be easy.

I removed the verticality to alliviate this problem, and in the final build enemies approach from all around your player. Be it from buildings, at a bottom of a hill or across the bridge from the castle area.